Our Environment Policy

As Zafer Ticaret, our Environmental Management System policy has been adopted by all our employees and suppliers, and our employees and suppliers strive to fulfill the requirements of this policy.

Zafer Ticaret has determined the following as the corporate principles;

* To protect our nature and products of the mother earth, to transfer to future generations with health,

* By protecting global resources; to ensure the efficient use of energy, time and material,

* Prevention of pollution, minimization of wastes, processing of carefully obtained crops in a way to contribute to our national economy,

* It aims to reduce negative environmental effects in all processes from production to packaging and packaging.

* Keeping environmental results under control throughout the product life cycle,

* Separating wastes at source, protecting the environment and monitoring the results of these activities in order to prevent pollution and protect the environment,

* To leave a more livable environment for our future generations, which has negative effects on human health.