Zafer Ticaret,who has been exporting fresh fruits, vegetables and citrus fruits to many countries of the world since it was established and adopts the principle of healthy and high quality products with the latest technological infrastructure investments is one of the visionary companies of fresh fruit and vegetable sector.

Under the leadership of the founding partners Zafer ER and Muzaffer ER, Zafer Ticaret took its first step into the sector in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul in 1991. Zafer Ticaret, which has 431 and 441 market places in the year it was founded, continues to expand its investments and become one of the sector leaders by including the market places with numbers of 89 in 2007, 535 in 2015 and 455 in 2017 respectively.


Zafer Ticaret, which stands out with its producer identity produces;

* Melon, watermelon, onion and apple in Konya

* Pear and quince in Geyve Sakarya

* Strawberry, apricot, pomegranate in Silifke Mersin

* Mandarin and Citrus in Gumuldur Izmir. 

Zafer Ticaret collects fruit and vegetables from their branches with its certified and supervised production model in all products it produces.                                         

Zafer Ticaret, sends products like lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, strawberry, cherry, peach, apricot, grape, quince, pear and apple alongside with citrus productions to many countries of the world, especially Germany, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and having an effective role in the international market.


Zafer Ticaret is stepping into the future with the mission of increasing the welfare level of our country by keeping food safety at the forefront in all of its achievements, providing customer satisfaction, becoming the country's pride in the global market with international norms and quality management standards, supporting solution partners and farmers by increasing their export share day by day,


Zafer Ticaret is determined to be a reliable brand known with its quality as the vision of the future by supporting the R & D activities, to be always innovative and pioneer in its sector, to continue its technological investments without slowing down, to become a visionary and pioneer company in order to bring the sector to the level it deserves in the world, to ensure that its products are on the shelf of every market in the world.